How to get your DUNS (D&B) number fast.

You can receive your DUNS number in under 1 day (for free) if you use the following guide. Step One Start your request here and select the “Click here to request your D-U-N-S number via the Web” Search for your company then select request a D-U-N-S number at the bottom. You […]

CA Security Counsel EV SSL process info-graphic.

CA Security Counsel released an info-graphic about the Extended Validation process. CA Counsel is made up of Certificate Authorities that have met industry standards. CA Security Counsel is NOT the standard setting organization CA/Browser Forum.

Is HSTS backward compatible?

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is backward compatible. If someone connects to your websites that has HSTS enabled but there browser does not support HSTS they will be able to use your website because the browser will ignore the HSTS setting.

How to add your website to Google Chrome’s preload list.

Now that you have HSTS setup you should submit your site for inclusion into the Google Chrome’s preload list. This same list is also included in Firefox, IE, and Safari. Setup HSTS Visit the Chrome preload list website and submit your site. Wait, this will take weeks if not months. […]