How can I get my EV SSL Certificate in less than a day?

CertSimple claims to issue EV SSL Certificates in around 5 hours. Product is a little pricey at $236 per year but you are paying for speed. It looks like they partnered with Digicert who does the final review and issues the certificate.

Our partner CA, DigiCert, does the final validation and issues your certificate: they have a worldwide 24 hour validation team and you can contact them directly on +1 801 701 9600 as well as live web support. Your CertSimple order ID is also a valid DigiCert order ID.

I attempted to contact CertSimple, but nobody has replied from the email address. Not a great sign.

A good alternative to CertSimple is to simply use a DV (Domain Validated) certificate during the EV validation waiting period. You can get a DV certificate issued in 5 minutes, for under $20 dollars. Then once you finish the EV process you can remove your DV cert and install the EV one. Many of the EV certificates come with a free DV cert just for this purpose.

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