How to fix the mixed content warning on your SSL secured website.

Step 1: Identify the non SSL content.

Fast way to check is via the WhyNoPadlock website. In our example below you can see the evOwl logo is not being served via SSL.

2016-03-24 19_02_43-Why No Padlock_ - Why is my SSL web page insecure_ Find the culprit!
Mixed content example.

You can also check for mixed content in your Google Chrome web browser by following the steps below.

Below is a video on how to check if you do not want to use the slide show above.

Step 2: Make changes to website.

This can be the hard part. Now that you know what is causing the issue the only way to fix it is to edit your website code. If you are using WordPress you can try the Simple SSL Plugin to fix the errors automatically. Google also has a excellent guide on how to fix mixed content errors. If your website is static html you can do a find replace to change http to https in your code.

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