How to get your DUNS (D&B) number fast.

You can receive your DUNS number in under 1 day (for free) if you use the following guide.

Step One

Only use Internet Explorer “Our Preferred browser is Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9. DO NOT USE: Chrome, Firefox & Edge” Do not waste your time, ONLY USE IE.
  1. Start your request here and select the “Click here to request your D-U-N-S number via the Web”
  2. Search for your company then select request a D-U-N-S number at the bottom.
  3. You will now fill out countless forms and verify your identity, this will fail if you did not use Internet Explorer. 
  4. When you get the the page that ask why you are requesting a D-U-N-S number select “Government Contract” for the reason. (Only if this is truthful. Other options include applying for grants.)
  5. You will have the option to confirm your data before the final page. It should look like this:
    1 Business Day DUNS Request.
    1 Business Day DUNS Request.

Here is the entire process via screen shot.

Step Two

You will receive a automated email after 24 hours of completing step one. One message will have your new DUNS number. A separate email will have your account setup link, you must create the account to complete the process. 

Remember, you MUST use internet explorer to open the account setup link AND allow popups.

Account setup page also has the option to opt-out of 3rd party solicitation. I suggest you opt-out unless you want to be contacted by marketers.

DUNS Opt-Out

You now have your DUNS number. Setup is complete.


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